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Comment: I need money fast. Currently...

Libby3 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Financial Assistance"

I need money fast. Currently unemployed, 3 kids, one starting college next week, currently looking for job with no luck. Have hospital bills, along with numeros others to pay. WIll begin making payments back in October
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nissanrouge
For hot the person u posted to not been on here sent 2006
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nissanrouge
Hi all we can do on here is give u info where u mite get help. I don't know any place that pays for medical bills. Also there no place that helps with car payments. But for food call church s and see which one give out food u can also call Food Pantry s for rent gas light water call 211 I don't know if u give city state or zip code tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call. Hope this info help u some
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I just beat cancer now i broke my ankle. My fiance lost her job. I'm out of work for 5 weeks until i can walk again. My medical bills are here. With my paycheck i'm paying rent but have to make car payments and put food on the table. No one can help me. I don't have money for nothing. I try to work with the people for the bills and they don't care. I'm desperate for help. I have nothing to sell that has any value.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to kev&ash
U welcome
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woman in a shoe   in reply to kev&ash
U welcome
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kev&ash   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you for leting me know
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woman in a shoe   in reply to kev&ash
The person u posted to not been on here sent 2006. And there no resources that pays for car payments for rent light gas water call 211 have pen and paper when u call y mite fine some place to give u gas for your truck. We can only give u information where u mite get help
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I need at least 3000 to stay off the street and keep my truck and gas for it
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woman in a shoe   in reply to TY127
Well u am sorry but there no money on this site. But do this for rent light gas water and more type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state there sure be a list of places to call for help. If u like I will look it up for u all I need is your city state and county. I have been helping people on here sent last Oct. Some even know me by my real name
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Jer29:11
Hi my husband was in the hospital this year when he was in there I seen a sign if u not able to pay for your hospital stay please let us know and we will give u places to call to pay for your hospital stay so check with the hospital where u are at and see if they do this I think if one hospital does this all of them do so check it out if u don't ask u will never know good luck
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I lost my job in 2010 of 21 years trying to work at other jobs they say make full time then they lay off I had to pull out my retirement just to make it with my bills I had to have emergency surgery and the doctor know my situation he help from his end but the other hospital and doctors i try to explain I would pay as soon as i get job they turn me over to collection agency my credit used to be good know is terrible because of this.I need help with my bills thats all trying to get job sometimes i dont even have money for gas to get there.Please if anyone could help me till I get on my feet I wil pay you back.I am not a person who doesnt want to work and make a honest living I love to work.
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I need money fast because I am going to lose my house next money.
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I need money fast behind rent lost overtime at job now ill fmla at work need help badly behind car payments please help I have one child. I am really praying for a miracle about now I can try to pay back in oct monthly payments for your help.. thanks Olivia
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I need money. I was in a horrible car accident while i was 3 months pregnant and lost all three jobs cuz i was barely able to wlk. which means i lost my home i am trying to get back on my feet and all i need is 400 more dollars and i cn get my apartment next week.. i start work monday i just need someone to help me get started
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ChickenFeet   in reply to Chefckick
you have to trust in god he see u and your situation
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I need money now I'm looseing everything can't pay my rent about to be on the street
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I need money! I need to get food for my two kids and pay some bills! My husband went without work for three almost four weeks now,
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Hello I am in need of $500.00 dollars to pay my rent. I am unable to work do to sever back and leg problems. I am hoping that I will get the money I so desperately need so I will not have to live in a shelter.
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Im unemployed I need money now so I can get back on my feet living witg my best friend and gf is no promising I would like to get my own and do better much better
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