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Comment: I need money fast. Currently...

Libby3 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Financial Assistance"

I need money fast. Currently unemployed, 3 kids, one starting college next week, currently looking for job with no luck. Have hospital bills, along with numeros others to pay. WIll begin making payments back in October
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I need money fast because I am going to lose my house next money.
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I need money fast behind rent lost overtime at job now ill fmla at work need help badly behind car payments please help I have one child. I am really praying for a miracle about now I can try to pay back in oct monthly payments for your help.. thanks Olivia
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I need money. I was in a horrible car accident while i was 3 months pregnant and lost all three jobs cuz i was barely able to wlk. which means i lost my home i am trying to get back on my feet and all i need is 400 more dollars and i cn get my apartment next week.. i start work monday i just need someone to help me get started
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ChickenFeet   in reply to Chefckick
you have to trust in god he see u and your situation
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I need money now I'm looseing everything can't pay my rent about to be on the street
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I need money! I need to get food for my two kids and pay some bills! My husband went without work for three almost four weeks now,
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Hello I am in need of $500.00 dollars to pay my rent. I am unable to work do to sever back and leg problems. I am hoping that I will get the money I so desperately need so I will not have to live in a shelter.
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Im unemployed I need money now so I can get back on my feet living witg my best friend and gf is no promising I would like to get my own and do better much better
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I need money
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i need money
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I need money fast i get ssi and my husband is not working right now and we have a prepaid account for our lights and we are on the verge of getting shut off and i need money now please help me we have two kids
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I need someone who can join me I started a TV station and is doing very good interms of profit but I need an amount of R250000 I have lot of clients ,we can work together transparency is the key.

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HI guys, i need fast money my bills are overdue on top of that my truck note still looking for a job no luck n my son has REAL bad Asthma n paying his medication with cash...
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sonshinesas   in reply to jam01
Sorry no money here just resource information. Good luck.
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I need some money to pay my parole and pay some bills and take care my kids just got out of jail can some one help me ??
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this is not something I would normally do is ask for money but in my situation things are hard I came to another country 6 years ago and things start out really well I don't speak the language here and I work in construction and 54 years old well that took its toll because now my back is bad and I don't live with my family because there's no money I need money to eat
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Ooogasia   in reply to guava
CRAIGSLIST and INDEED... always have posting just put in for your city & state you usually can fill out an application right there or hit reply and let em' know you looking for a job get their info
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Am unemployed with three kids looking for a job but i need sme money so i can get my cpr done print my cerifitcate off the onternet and to pay for my home health aid class and pay for my ged i need $600 to accompliish what i said i nee if i get everything i said i need i can fond me a jpb
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to PassionateOne
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..






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woman in a shoe   in reply to PassionateOne
Sorry there no cash on this site only resources where u mite get help. Type need help city state when u see the one that said help with bills hit on that one if u don't see it under city state but county state good luck
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