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Comment: I need money fast. Currently...

Libby3 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Financial Assistance"

I need money fast. Currently unemployed, 3 kids, one starting college next week, currently looking for job with no luck. Have hospital bills, along with numeros others to pay. WIll begin making payments back in October
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I need money fast
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Gods child :)   in reply to biguunn
There is a website called listia it is so cool cuz u can win stuff for free only have credits you can also list your stuff for free and also get credits that way. If you sign-up you get 1000 credits free please try it. People on this site is real and you can win stuff and I won a lot of cool stuff just with credits. The web site is they have everything on that site. I hope this helps you and other family's that see this :)
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Snow Bound   in reply to biguunn
Here and there 20.00 ,another BOY or rather BOY in a mans body !
Sorry too hear that,I would contact your local DHS office, persue court ordered child support, here in MI you pay if you play !,and they always have an extra cell available 24-7 for those who don't choose to man up ,&put the burden on the taxpayers!
As far as the cell bill see if you can get a free phone,if your low income you are elgible, as far as the plates & insurance DHS may help if you can provide proof of employment! you may consider public transportation too, &bank some money for that plus the price of gas adds up quick !
Best Wishes
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biguunn   in reply to Snow Bound
No, one gave up rights, the other is giving $20 here and there, for his son but he doesn't do much. I pay my rent and I haven't paid my cell bill and my reg for my truck and my insurance needs to be paid, I have to buy clothes for the baby on the way. I just need to get all the bills up to date. I've been looking for a better job, but its hard.
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Snow Bound   in reply to biguunn
Are the fathers of these soon too be children working?
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biguunn   in reply to Snow Bound
My girlfriend and I are having a kid, she has two and one on the way.
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Snow Bound   in reply to biguunn
You nailed it on the head TIMES ARE HARD! what do you NEED! ?
I'am confused do you &your daughter have a child on the way?
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Hello I'm a hard working person trying to make it in life. I have money trouble and I have a kid on the way, I make $9 an hour. I'm not asking for a lot just to buy things for the kid and pay some bills. Times are hard and I hope the people out there get what they need. I ask for this just so I can get on my feet, my girl is a great mom and she has two kids and on on the way, we are stressing, about things we need for the kids. Best wishes, and thanks for listening.
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Tio mil
I need help I got two teen kids going to high school this year in sep. And I need a car to take them to school. It's a bout a mile walking and I can't do it because my back pain. Please help hopeing I win pch. Thank. U
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I need money fast
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woman in a shoe   in reply to strawberryboo
Call church's and see which ones give out food. Call food pantry. Sign up for welfare u will get cash food stamps insurance. If u got a newborn to 4 years old sign up for wic. Good luck
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I need money fast i have three kids an have no money or food to feed them help me !
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Im 20 years old in school and have a son. I do not have a job, i have been looking for quite some time with no luck yet! I have bills with no end and a apartment behind on rent Please help!

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I'm a 22 year old student.. A senior in college, I really want to finish school but the cost of living here is so ridiculously high I might have to withdraw before I get the credits I need to graduate. I need help paying my rent, I don't even want money. I'm not concerned about clothes or even food..I just want my rent payed off through the end of the semester.. I'm not from a family of means so the financial strain is killing my parents.. I just don't want them to worry about this too. Thank you so much for reading, literally anything helps.
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I'm a 20 unemployed at the moment searching but no luck. I need help fast to pay for tuition bills. Please help me.
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I am a mother of 3 children and i need help fast! I currently have no job, i have been looking for quite some time with no luck yet! I have bills with no end and a car that is on the verge of being repossessed if i dont pay my car payment! Please help!
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I need money fast . I can't pay for my moms funeral
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brigmama45   in reply to Buffy120290
Go to
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keepingthefaithinfl   in reply to Buffy120290
I am borrowing this info from Bert's post to relay it to you and others quickly.
some programs have an abundance of stuff...and will have stuff on first come first serve basis......

Try or 2

This was posted on here a couple days ago from a social worker......

To Everyone who missed the Toys for Tots sign up for your city and state if you check online next week thru their website there is usually a specific day and time posted around Dec.20th for people who missed you will have to search your specific zip code for the location but it is availible in many states...also tell them to call ur school district and ask about programs, also try firehalls, police stations foodbanks and churches...they need to call around diligently. God Bless u!
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Poppyday13   in reply to Buffy120290
Hi - google Charity cars. There are many organizations that offer different schemes. Register with the ones that suit you.
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